FRP & Lining Services

FRP lined pipes

Industrial Linings, Inc. offers a wide range of services to companies within the chemical, pulp and paper, wastewater treatment, pollution control, mining, steel, power and co-generation and flue gas desulphurization industries. Our services, along with our knowledge and experience, can help your company solve all your corrosion and abrasion problems.

Our in-depth knowledge of corrosion and abrasion problems enable us to help you improve your operations by providing quality services and reliable products.

To read more about the services that Industrial Linings, Inc. can provide for you, browse the services listed below.

Field Services

Our field crews consist of experienced, highly trained, qualified bonders and certified thermoplastic welders.

Field Services Learn More

Dual Laminates

We manufacture and install thermoplastic lined dual laminate piping systems for extremely hot and corrosive environments.

Dual Laminates Learn More

Design Services

Industrial Linings, Inc. can design your FRP products to meet you specified requirements and needs.

Design Services Learn More
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