Rubber Lining Services

Our rubber lining division provides cost-effective and durable rubber lined equipment and products to industries where corrosive and abrasive protection are a number 1 priority. Whether you application calls for natural rubber, nitrile rubber, or a thermoplastic PVC like Koroseal, Industrial Linings has the expertise to protect your tanks, pipes or other metal fabricated products. At Industrial Linings, we provide rubber lining services to a wide range of markets including, agriculture, energy, environmental, process chemical and much more.

Rubber Lining Installation

Our rubber lining installations promote efficient and long lasting protection against corrosion, abrasion, and chemical attack. We have vast experience with the installation of both cured and uncured rubber lining sheet compounds for industrial applications. We offer rubber lining installations with rubber hardness ranging from 25-100 Shore A durometer and applied in a variety of thickness ranging from 1/8” to 3/8” thick.

Our applied rubber linings are subject to numerous inspections and testing, both pre-cure and post cure. Each rubber lining installation is inspected per our in-house quality management system and tested per ASTM standards. We are an approved applicator for Blair Rubber Company and PolyCorp rubber linings.

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Re-Lining Services

We can strip, repair, and reline existing rubber lined equipment or offer new rubber lining installations of new components, including rubber lined pipes and tanks. Our in-house metal fabrication and repair division can make metal repairs to existing rubber lined equipment that has been stripped and ready for reline or metal fabricate new components that require rubber lining installation. This aspect of our company allows us to provide our clients with a turn-key project and eliminates the need to use an additional contractor to perform metal repairs, which in turn increases productivity, decreases downtime, and lowers the overall cost for the end user.

large rubber lining

Industrial Linings, Inc. offers several different types of curing processes. Our shop is equipped with (2) autoclaves used for curing the rubber lining once it is applied to the equipment. We use our 10’ diameter x 40’ long autoclave to cure larger equipment and our 6’ diameter x 25’ long autoclave for smaller components. For larger projects and components over 10’ in diameter, we offer steam and chemical cures of our rubber lining installs. We use these types of curing processes in our field repairs and new field installations of our rubber linings.

Whether in our shop or in the field, Industrial Linings, Inc. can select the appropriate rubber lining type for your particular service conditions and install it for your industry application.

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Available Rubber Linings

Koroseal Linings

Koroseal linings are thermoplastic PVC that provide excellent resistance to corrosive chemicals which can't be handled by rubber.

Koroseal Linings Learn More

Marseal Linings

MARSEAL sheet lining materials are typically used in industrial applications for primary and secondary containment.

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Primary Linings

Our rubber linings installations are used to protect industrial equipment such as chemical processing and storage tanks.

Primary Linings Learn More

Rubber Lined Products

Industrial Linings specialized in rubber lining for various metal components including pipes, tanks, agitators, pump components & more.

Rubber Lined Products Learn More
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