Rubber Lined Tanks

Industrial Linings, Inc. can design, manufacture, and re-line any type of rubber lined tank or vessel customers may have the need for. Based on your environmental conditions, we provide durable and flexible rubber tank linings.  We have been providing rubber lined tanks for over 40 years to a broad range of industries including agriculture, pulp & page, process chemical and more.

Our rubber linings provide excellent corrosion protection for chemical and abrasive environments. Industrial Linings can also help you choose the best rubber for your application.  Our linings includes, koroseal, chlorobutyl, neoprene, soft natural, semi-hard natural, and more. The Koroseal® lining is the mostly used for lining the interior and exterior of tanks. Koroseal linings are thermoplastic PVC that provide excellent corrosion resistance.  

Rubber Lined Equipment

  • Cation & Anion Tanks
  • Feed Storage Tanks
  • Fertilizer Tanks
  • Mix Tanks
  • Storage Tanks
  • Water/Wastewater Tanks

Quality You Can Count On

Industrial Linings, Inc. is committed to manufacturing products and providing services that meet or exceed all the application requirements and expectations of our clients with the same quality and performance the first time, every time.

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