Fiberglass (FRP) Scrubbers & FRP Stacks

Industrial Fiberglass (FRP) Scrubbers & Fiberglass Stacks

Industrial Linings, Inc. can design, manufacture, and fabricate a wide range of industrial FRP scrubbers and FRP stacks based on your design. We offer complete turnkey projects including all scrubber and stack components such as nozzles, man-ways, internal or external piping, spray header assemblies, packing supports rings and grating, mist eliminators, and duct work.

All FRP vessels are built to industry standards:

  • ASME/ANSI RTP-1 (non-stamp)
  • ASTM D-3299
  • ASTM D-4097

We have manufactured fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) scrubbers and stacks for indoor and outdoor air pollution control in these industries:

  • Wastewater
  • Mining
  • Power and FGD
  • Chemical Processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Odor Control

Filament Wound Fume Stacks

Industrial Linings' stacks are built in four part configurations.

Filament Wound Fume Stacks

INNER SURFACE: The inner surface exposed to the chemical environment is a resin-rich layer 10 to 20 mils thick reinforced with a chemical resistant glass fiber-surfacing mat or with an organic fiber-surfacing mat suitable for the chemical service. This resin-resin surface contains less than 20% reinforcing material.

INTERIOR LAYER: The inner surface layer exposed to the corrosive environment is followed with a laminate comprised of resin, reinforced only with non-continuous glass fiber strands applied in a minimum of 2 ply 1-1/2 oz. per square foot chopped strand mat or alternately in a minimum of two passes of chopped roving, minimum length of 0-1/2 inches to a maximum length of 2.0 inches applied uniformly by the spray-up process to an equivalent thickness in this layer of 0.080 inches. Each ply of mat or pass of chopped roving is well rolled prior to the application of additional reinforcement.

STRUCTURAL LAYER: Subsequent reinforcement is a laminate comprised of suitable chemical resistant resin reinforcement with 1-1/2 oz. per square foot chopped strand mat or equivalent weight of chopped roving and with such additional numbers of alternating ply of 24-1/2 oz. per yard woven roving as necessary to achieve the required thickness.

EXTERIOR SURFACE: For added resistance, weathering, and chemical exposure the surface is protected with a gel coat consisting of a suitable chemical resistant resin containing ultra-violet absorbers and pigment when required. Superior resistance is incorporated in the exterior surface by the addition of one layer of type "C" glass surfacing veil impregnated with corrosion resistant resin.

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