Custom FRP Product Fabrication

Custom Fiberglass (FRP) Fabrication - Modeled FRP Products

Industrial Linings, Inc. can design, manufacture, and fabricate virtually any type of fiberglass (FRP) product using a variety of structural FRP shapes, plates, and components to originate innovative solutions for our customers. Our staff will work closely with you to determine the requirements and design of your uniquely engineered FRP products. We can supply CAD drawings of the finished product or we can fabricate directly from your supplied drawings. All this results in a custom manufactured product designed to fit your exact needs.

Custom Fiberglass Manufacturing Applications

Industrial linings has the capabilities to manufacture and fabricate custom fiberglass reinforced products for a variety of industries including process chemical, mining, industrial manufacturing and more.  Examples of custom fiberglass products include:

  • Guard Covers
  • Pressure and Vacuum Products
  • Transitions
  • Hoods
  • Dampers
  • Sample Pots
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